The Elephant Keeper by Christopher Nicholson

The Elephant Keeper

Christopher Nicholson

I was completely captivated by this gentle and thoughtful novel about a young man and an elephant. Themes of sexuality, humanity and confinement along with a wonderfully evoked 18th century setting make this more than just another animal story or indeed, another love story. A remarkable and rewarding reading experience.

'Tom,' she said seriously, 'If you want to marry anyone, you must do so. I understand.'
I laughed. 'When I have never even met her, it is a little early to talk of marriage. She is probably ugly and sallow-skinned, and hare-lipped. Besides,' and I reached out with my arms, and gazed into her eyes, 'how could I marry her? O, Jenny! How could I ever marry someone else, when I am married already?'
This reply seemed to satisfy her, for her trunk reached out and affectionately brushed my ear. Then gave me a little tap on the side of the head, as if to reprove me for such a foolish remark.
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