The Coincidence Engine by Sam Leith

The Coincidence Engine

Sam Leith

I am a slow and careful reader, often re-visiting passages of a book to fully understand its meaning. Even though some of the ideas presented in this novel were completely over my head, it didn't spoil my enjoyment. A fast-paced and entertaining comedy thriller that made me laugh out loud.

Red Queen continued. 'We know that this thing does weird things to chance. Right out on the end of the bell-curve things. It's not like it weights the dice a bit. It's like it makes the dice land on one corner and stay there, or makes all the spots fall off spontaneously. Well, this plane.'
'If it did assemble this plane -'
'Which we're assuming for the moment it did. This plane is not purely random. It's a thing. It's an idea. It has to do with an expectation - whose, we don't yet know.'
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