Does Your Mama Know? by Lisa C Moore

Does Your Mama Know?

Lisa C Moore

A collection of stories, poems, essays, and interviews by and about black lesbian woman about their experiences of 'coming out'. Put together by Lisa C. Moore, this anthology is at times lighthearted and others, serious, looking at issues of black identity, feminism and sexuality against a backdrop of contemporary America. An inspiring book for all kinds of readers about growing pains and self-discovery.

It was getting late and my parents were ready to leave the art gallery. I didn't want to leave because I was enjoying talking to Barbara. She was very intelligent and not at all what I thought a lesbian woman would be like. My parents had spoken disapprovingly of gays and lesbians ... my mom always escorted me to the beauty salon ... because she didn't want her daughter getting her hair cut 'too short' .... After all, she said, I didn't want to look like 'one of those women'. Well, Barbara didn't look like 'one of those women' at all.
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