City of the Beasts by Isabel Allende

City of the Beasts

Isabel Allende

I did not enjoy this book because the characterisation was poor and inconsistent, the storyline far-fetched, and I felt as if I was reading a version of The Secret Mountain by Enid Blyton that I had enjoyed as a child. But could be an appealing read for those wishing to experience action against man and nature, and courage and deceit in the alien environment of the jungle.

'There must be no more war. The gods must go back to the mountain. Nadia and I will see that the People of the Mist and the dwelling of the gods are respected by the nahab', Alex promised, trying to sound convincing. In truth, he had no idea how he could restrain Mauro Carias, Captain Ariosto, and all the other adventurers who coveted the wealth of the region ....
In his heart of hearts, Alex believed that there would be worldwide excitement when his grandmother published information about the existence of the Beasts and about the ecological paradise inside the tepui.
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