The Case of the General's Thumb by Andrey Kerkov

The Case of the General's Thumb

Andrey Kerkov

Experience Russian society as far as ordinary people are concerned through the experience of two investigators to a murder.

Lesi Ukrainki Boulevard, round tower,know it? Good. Military entrance at 9.00, warrent card at the ready - they've got your name. Room 32's what you ask for, after which you keep your card out of sight. Go through to the courtyard, and turn left. The second iron door has a keypad lock. The magic number is 3516. Then you go up to the first floor, where you tell them you've had your car stolen, and that your Dad, General Boprsyuk, had arranged for you to hear a playback of the SVI channel for the night in question, on the off-chance of its proving helpful.....
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