The Extra Large Medium by Helen Slavin

The Extra Large Medium

Helen Slavin

Annie can see dead people, all wearing chocolate brown. What's worse, they are very assertively communicative and can ruin Annie's life in ways no one would ever imagine. Very dark, very funny and told from several perspectives this is a book to read at one concentrated go - and then to think about for a long time afterwards.


Somehow the chocolate brown brigade worked out they'd get the best of the deal if they tackled me on the platform of the Spiritualist Church; that there really wasn't much point haranguing me in the street or disturbing me at the library, because I couldn't carry the messages then. Not unless they happened to be for the librarian or the caretaker or the woman on the checkout.
You have to be careful. You can't just blurt it out in the supermarket. One minute they're there packing up someone's groceries with a 'can I help you' customer service smile and the next they're hearing, from a perfect stranger, that their Uncle Neville was actually their dad. The world tilts sideways. They might fall off.

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